Equitan Staking Tester

The one and only Scientific method to test the performance of your staking machines


Equitan Staking Tester

Made of FolyPelTM, a special polymer with a uniform thickness the FolyPelTM test sheet will hold its shape after use making it simple for you to compare the performance and working capability of your staking machine.

It's quick, simple & reliable!

Another new patent for Equitan

In response to client needs, Equitan devised a unique way to test the functioning of vibration staking machines.
The concept involves a plastic sheet of a particular size being fed through a staking machine.
If the staking machine causes any change in the sheet's shape or dimensions, the sheet retains this altered form as it emerges.
This new form can then be compared with the original dimensions to assess the efficacy and functioning of the staker.

Equitan applied for a patent to protect this system and it was granted without delay.


• introduce a Staking Tester Folypel sheet into the staking machine
• submit the Folypel Staking Tester to the action of the staking machine
• measure the dimensions of the Folypel Staking Tester after the staking process
• compare said dimensions with the original dimensions of the Folypel Staking Tester and note using the small yellow label

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