PU thermowelding Belts


PU thermowelding Belts

A comprensive range of elasticised and "hot welded" polyurethane transport belt in various widths – user are given the opportunity to tailor belts to suit their own particolar Applications with the aid of a hot-welding kit, an accessory also available from Equitan.

Standard width are: 48, 95, 105, 110 and 140 mm but we can make any width upon request.

A new special version is the "HT line" particularly suitable for applications where a greater thermal resistance is required.

Clear transparent color for measuring bridge application, Blu color is the most popular, Black is also available and a Blu- sea color (similar to green) is also a standard.
A special version Blu at the top and black at the bottom is very appreciated in the tanneries.
A good high grip surface at the top and a just embossed surface at the bottom to guarantee a good working with not aderence on the transport belt surface.


Comparation between standard PU thermowelding belt and the new Equitan HGRR HT - PU thermowelding belt for drying oven.
Test made in static oven at 160°C for 90 minutes


Thermowelding kit for PU elastic belts.

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