Condutex Elastic Antistatic Belt

Our patented Elastic Antistatic belt for stakers, containing conductive fibres.
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The Condutex elastic belt for stakers is made from a unique elastic, antistatic fibre- conductive unfrayable material covered by patent rights, specifically produced for use in staking machines.
The regular version features standard thickness, good resistance and long-lasting elasticity.

Condutex 2008 is an improved version with better performance and durability. The new fabric is approx. 1 mm thick.

The Equitan elastic antistatic belt was born in 1999 and is crafted using a material with an antistatic fabric structure able to discharge the static electricity generated in the staking process.

The belt was introduced, patented and registered under the name Condutex.

When this belt is used on vibration staking machines, no dust adheres to the leather and its service life is extended compared with that of other type of belts.


Easy-in is a cord located inside the edges of the belt to assist insertion of the elastic PU rope.


Easy-fit is a user friendly tool to facilitate the replacement of the staking belts.

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The belt repair kit includes special self-adhesive patches which are easy and quick to apply to repair any minor damage to belts. Patches are available in different shapes and sizes.

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