Extractor for lime splitting machine

Hide Extraction for lime and pickle splitting machine


Automatic hide extractor for limed hides and pickle skins for installing at the rear of a splitting machine.


> Pressure rollers with independent adjustment, to grant the correct extration of hides in any situation.
> Trasversal conveyor of grain split for hides conveyance in two tank.
> Central conveyor for conveyance of flesh split in one tank.
> Extractor type ET can be displaced from splitting machines of 1400 mm to allow cleaning and maintenance. 

Three model is available:

> ET Extractor 34: 3200 working width
> ET Extractor 30: 2800 working width
> ET Extractor 18: 1700 working width

Three different configuration:

> Basic version
> With transversal conveyor for grain
> With transversal conveyor for grain and central conveyor for split

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