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About Us

Equitan – from small beginnings to international supplier

More than fifteen years a go, in the spring of 1998 Antonio Antoniazzi decided to start his business. He had noticed a serious gap in the tanning industry: while machines were becoming more sophisticated, there was a decided lack of support service for the tannerei that were investing in the new generation systems.

In those berely 15 years, he has grown his company, today recognised as EQUITAN, from its small beginnings into an International supplier of tannery equipment and service componentry.

In the late 1998s, vibration staking machines were becoming an accepted tool in the industry, raising productivity along with leather quality but a need to achieve tair working life without deterioration was increasingly obvious.
Critical, it become clear, was the endurance of the highly stressed elastic tran sport belts together with the static electricity created during the staking action causing the adhesion of dust particles to the leather being processed. Recognising a market opportunity
Antoniazzi began development work focussing upon this problem.

Innovation ad diversification

Profiting from a now established market presence, the company began to look at further product diversification.
A manually operated stamping device for the marking of raw skins, as well as limed and wet blue, was developped in 2005 followed by a more powerful unit that was introduced at Tanning Tech 2012 especially suited for bovine raw hides in a green or salted state.
In the field of instrumentation, an electronic substance gauge designed to transmit and receive data by wireless has also been introduced.
Turning again to the dust elimination problem, a separate dedusting machines was launched, developed and subsequently patented using a relatively simple concept not requiring fans or filtration. This machines has an upper adhesive belt that collects dust from the grain side of leather as it feeds through.

the lower transport belt system uses Condubelt, another carbon fibre type, which is capable of discharging any latent electric charge generated in the leather. The adhesive belt is continuously washed and cleaned.
Further research in felt construction then led to a thype of felt for ironing and embossing presses always with an antistatic property. Further advanced properties felts are being studied, on for application in finishing and the other for wet stretching. Development of a fresh concept of a leather softening machines is also foreshadowed.
Reacting to Client's thoughts concerning efficient functioning of vibration staking machinery, a unique method of measuring this has been devised by Equitan. Briefly, this is based on a plastic material sheet that, once deformed, retains its new shape and dimensions.
This sheet with know dimensions is fad through the staking machines where it changes shape and dimensions. When comparing the deformed sheet with its original form and dimensions it is possible to assess the efficacy and functioning of the staker. A patent application protecting the system was applied for and, we have learned, granted without delay.

Equitan includes many important Tanners worldwide amongst its Clientele, as well as a number of European tannery machines manufacturers, all appreciated for providing the stimulus that encourages its Investment in research and innovation. And with its commitment to Quality and Customer Service, the company is convinced that its efforts will continue to be rewarded.

courtesy of Mr. Walter Landmann, machinery consultant for World Leather

  • We are convinced that Quality, Performance and Customer Care will Always be Rewarded

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